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Ballet Dancers

Ballet Production

Ballet Production

We are pleased to offer every ballet student participation in a full story ballet production in addition to the June recital.


Your ballet tuition for the year includes your scheduled ballet classes, a performance costume to keep and any additional rehearsals! Tuition for ballet classes is slightly higher than our other classes of the same length. By incorporating the ballet performance as part of the monthly tuition, we eliminate the large show fee that would be due around the holidays.


In order to incorporate all the elements of the ballet, there will be several mandatory rehearsals in addition to weekly classes. These include one Sunday rehearsal in January or February, a dress rehearsal at the studio the Wednesday before the show, and dress rehearsal in the theatre the weekend of the show.


We know dancers and families are busy and we work hard to create a show with the least inconvenience possible.  Please make every effort to attend these rehearsals.


“Featured Roles” refers to the dancers who make our ballet production a real story ballet. They include all main characters as well as ensemble roles that are needed to tell the story.


Auditions are open to all dancers Ballet 3-6 who are interested in an additional part in the production. There is no extra cost for these featured roles – just a serious time commitment for dancers and their families. Parts are assigned based on dancing, acting, stage presence, ability to learn choreography quickly, attitude, commitment, maturity, and class attendance.

Levels and Placement

Placement in ballet classes will be determined by ability rather than age. Age will serve as a guideline for students new to ballet but ability will determine the level of ballet class each student should register for. Placement in the proper class will ensure the most progress for each dancer and promote motivation to improve and move forward. Ballet placements will be assigned in the spring. New students can email or call the studio to schedule a time to try a class and be evaluated, or can attend a summer class.

Dress Code


The dress code ensures safety for all students and allows the teacher to see dancers’ physical movement and make corrections. Students will feel more confident and dance better when properly dressed for class.


Ballet shoes should fit snugly, like a sock, without room to grow. Please purchase them through In Sync or a dance store. Discount store shoes are too stiff and will not allow students’ feet to point properly.  Students are often frustrated by ill-fitting shoes because teachers cannot see their feet


Girls’ Dress Code: Pink tights, pink ballet shoes, leotard as assigned by level. Underwear, if worn, should not be visible under leotards. No shorts, skirts or shirts. Ballet sweaters that wrap and tie and leg warmers will be permitted during barre only. For students’ safety, only stud earrings are permitted. No other jewelry may be worn. Convertible pink tights are required for Pre-Pointe and Pointe. Any solid color leotard may be worn in Pre-Pointe, Ballet Technique, and Pointe. Ballet skirts are permitted in Ballet Technique and Pointe only.


Hair must be in a neat, secure bun. Shorter hair should be secured off the face with clips or a headband.  Hair must be secure so that students are not distracted by needing to fix it during class

Boys’ Dress Code: Fitted white t-shirt, black shorts, thin white socks, black ballet shoes.

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