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Young Ballerinas

Preschool Stars Program

MINI STARS  |  Ages 3 - 4

Mini Stars classes use the basics of ballet, tap, acrobatics, and creative dance to increase coordination, body awareness and rhythm. We use a theme month system so that every month we learn dances, songs and steps according to the theme of the month! Preschoolers learn the best when they are having fun and we are having lots of it in these classes. Ask about our special “mini” recitals for all of our preschool dance classes!


45 min. per week  |  REGISTER HERE

KINDER STARS  |  Ages 4½ - 6

Kindermoves classes run on the same theme months as our Minimoves classes and meet for 1 hour per week. There is a stronger emphasis on technique, memorization of patterns and expressions through the use of props and wonderful music! These classes begin to prepare children for the grades 1 and 2 combo classes and will begin to transition towards that by the end of the year. Kindermoves classes also participate in our “mini” recitals in June.


60 min. per week  |  REGISTER HERE

TUMBLE STARS  |  Ages 3 - 6

Tumble Stars is our introduction to Acro class for preschoolers. Specially designed for our youngest students ages 3-6. In order to get the best results, these options are best experienced with a Mini Stars or Kinder Stars companion class.


45 min. per week  |  REGISTER HERE

GROOVE STARS  |  Ages 3 - 6

Groove Stars is our introduction to Hip Hop for preschoolers. Specially designed for our youngest students ages 3-6, this is a fun class filled with exploration of rhythm and expression. A perfect companion to our Mini or Kinder Stars classes!


45 min. per week  |  REGISTER HERE

STAGE STARS  |  Ages 3 - 6

Stage Stars is a fun introduction to musical theater for ages 3 – 6. We will work on expression, creativity, character development, singing, dancing and line memorization. Pair this with a Mini or Kinder Stars class for complete preparation for the stage!


45 min. per week  |  REGISTER HERE 

TOT STARS  |  Ages 2 - 3

Tot Stars is an interactive movement class for an adult and child. Together we will work through following directions, creative movement, balance, coordination, rhythm, manners, sharing and more! The goal of this class is to transition the adults out of the classroom by spring in preparation for independent recital performance!


45 min. per week  |  REGISTER HERE

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