A few reasons why In Sync offers some of the best youth programs in the area:


  • Have you seen our schedule? We have 4 different dance studios so our offerings are vast! Many different styles, days, and times are available! We know how busy your schedules are and we want to make it easy for you to join us!

  • Mini recitals, Mini recitals, Mini recitals! These are special, one-hour, recitals for our minimoves, kindermoves and grades 1&2 dancers. Each dancers takes the stage at the beginning of the show to open the show and wave hello to mom and dad while opening announcements are made, they perform TWO dance routines, and take the stage again for their curtain call bow! You will not find this opportunity anywhere else! We LOVE our mini recitals!

  • Amazing dance recitals! Our grades 3 -12 dancers participate in our “full” recitals. “Full” recitals are a little longer (usually two hours) and quicker paced than our mini recitals. These shows are high energy and typically sold out!

  • Studio-wide Lesson Plans! Minimoves and Kindermoves classes are taught a consistent studio wide lesson plan so every class is working on the same skills. This makes it very easy for students to make up classes they have missed in a different class and keeps everyone working at the same rate. Lesson plans change themes every month so class never gets boring. We spend all summer creating lesson plans with new songs, new games, new dances for each month! Parents get to peek in the last week of each month to see what the children have been working on!

  • Low Student Ratios! Our Minimoves classes are maxed at 10 and Kindermoves classes are maxed at 12 students with 2 teachers in the room! These are great student/teacher ratios for our young students and it makes a big difference in their dance education!

  • Individual tracking of skills! A major overhaul of our grades 1-12 combo and hip hop classes included implementing skill charts! We spent most of last summer creating skills lists for every single class and created charts for every class! Students all receive a charm bracelet and as students attain skills, they add beads to their bracelets! They love watching their progress and adding skills (and beads) each week!

  • Music Lessons! Piano, Voice, Guitar, Strings, Brass and Woodwind lessons are available Monday – Saturday too! Most families can get all of their children into dance classes and music lessons on the same day.

  • Music Recitals! Music students have the chance to perform twice each year! We hold a holiday Jingle Jam and a spring Musicpalooza. Music is a performing art and these are a highlight of our season.

  • No High Costume Fees! We have a unique costume rental policy in place for our June recitals. Every dancer who participates pays one “recital package fee” of $60 (regardless of how many routines they are in). That recital package fee includes: one performance leotard, one recital cast autograph theme t-shirt, one gold dance medal, rental of all costume pieces for the show, all rehearsals and all choreography!

  • The Staff! The In Sync staff are all qualified, energetic, positive, professional adults who love to teach children. Our teachers are always educating themselves on the latest techniques and styles! Our staff training is ongoing and our teachers LOVE their jobs! With over 30 teachers on staff, your child will find the perfect role model for them! Come by any time and see for yourself!

  • Personal Ballet Evaluations! Each spring, every dancer enrolled in ballet 1-6 will receive a personal ballet evaluation of their skills and technique along with their leveled ballet placement for the following season!

  • Annual Ballet Performance! Each February we perform a new ballet production! All of our Ballet 1-6 students participate and it is optional for grades 1&2 dancers. New choreography every year! (no Nutcracker during the hectic holiday season)! Professional costumes for our ballet production are included in your ballet dance tuition!

  • Jr. Performance Team (for our dancers grades 2-5) and Sr. Performance Team (for our dancers grades 5 and up) are optional classes for dancers who would like to get out into the community and perform more often than the annual recital! No audition required.

  • The Dance Company is an elite group of dancers who also perform in the community as well as local competitions, workshops and events. Annual audition required and each dancer who auditions receives a personal evaluation of skills and technique with suggestions and inspiration!

  • Internship opportunities! We offer our teen students the opportunity to intern at In Sync as a class assistant, birthday party assistant or office assistant in exchange for tuition credits. This is a special and unique opportunity and our interns have gone on to many different child-centered careers!

  • Special Events! We LOVE special events and there are plenty of them to give our families the opportunity to play and have fun! Perhaps you heard about our Frozen Sign A Long Concerts, or family hip hop party, dad and daughter ballroom night, big buddy day, bring a friend day, FREE summer camp sampler day, dance flash mob on the beach… these are just an idea of what we offer! Some of these are “members only” events and all have special “member” pricing or are FREE!

  • Vacation Week Programs! February and April Vacation is the perfect time to come in and spend the day with us! We always run vacation week programs – usually samples of our upcoming summer programs.

  • Summer Programs! We offer day programs and evening programs all summer long. This is the perfect time to try something new or introduce your child to the studio before starting fall classes.

  • Customer Service! We know that the only way to treat our students and their families is with a smile and the utmost respect. Our staff is here to serve you at the front desk Monday – Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm and again in the afternoon Monday – Friday 2:00pm-8:00pm!

Why In Sync?